Be My Lil Baby!

Since I was child, I always wondered about existence. Whats the meaning of all this? What is beyond the monotony of daily life? Why do we exist in an unknown reality with so much uncertainty and somehow keep pushing ourselves day and night to survive. I still struggle with a poignant gut feeling. A void. In August 2018, This feeling of void and uncertainty became so strong that I couldn’t sit still. I disconnected from the daily grind of an urban life and hit the road to explore these questions that kept resurfacing. In seeking answers, I traveled for 5 months meditating on the questions and struggling to comprehend some philosophy that might answer them. In my search, I documented my day to day using a camera and notebook as observers. I watched our world move in its systematic way. I started to see the relationships between the repetitiveness of life and gut feeling of void manifest in different metaphors I encountered.

(Coming soon...)